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 A few things... 

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1. Mod and administrator discussions should be unviewable to members, non member and banned users.

Why? dont waste bandwith, and they cant post and they may have a few bad and unwanted reasctions when listening to discussions from mods planning and changing things that they dont want.

2. Have a off-topic forum. This forum isn't populated well so an off topic area would be nice.

Why? Cuase people get tired and bored of walways talking about graphics.

3. Let guests post, but not create topics or create polls.

Why? since there are only abotu 20 people in this forum, it should be okay to let guests post because if they start to post post often thinking his is a nice graphics forum they could join. More opporunities mean more visitors. More visitors mean more members. Being able to have a taste of this forum is nice, and when people think they want to be able to post as well, they will sign up which other people are lazy to do because they think they wont have any interest with the forum.

4. Every forum with a sticky

Each forum should have a locked sticky that maintains order. Such as in a WIP graphics section, guidelines should be posted and an example of a good post and an example of a bad topic wouold be shown.

5. To the mods and Administrators, dont wait for us to post, post yourself and encourage us! Very Happy

Why? Why dont you know? Its easier to follow then to do, isn't it? dont have to think alot... Wink

Do you agree?
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