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 [REQUEST] Rpg (Platform view) Props, weapons, tilesets, etc. 

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You will get Full credits for your sprite/s.
Hello, I'm making a Platform game, and i need weapons for it Very Happy Very Happy
Weapons include a picture facing right, and an inventory icon for them(no bigger then 32x32)
they need to be within the scale of this sword:

NOTE:This sword will not be used in this game and might be being used in another game, so do not even mod it.
NOTE2:That is a BIG sword in the game, so try not to go over that size unless yours is a good looking uber sword Razz
Anyone want to resize the turtle?(re-sprite, not just stretch)
<-The shoes are a little too big in this picture btw!!!(Also see how the player has no arms, i'm keeping it that way, also no legs.(like rayman.))
Need tile sets, enemies, and a new player!!!
- armors for the player
- shoes for him
- hats for him
- gloves for him!
- Shields (inventory item, back to camera and side on to camera view's.)

Also Some large boss type monsters would be cool!
anywhere between 96x96-320x320(bigger if you want.)

Thats about it, i guess.
anymore info that you need just say so.

Thanks everyone Very Happy

Credits list:
-da-shts games01(for 3 spears, 5 swords,1 Sheild)(From gmc)
-quadriseene(1 sword)(From gmc)

If your name isn't here, and you made a weapon tell me!(i might of forgotten.)
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